These days there are so many salons and spas than I can count within the few miles of my house in Chandigarh like HeadmastersCleopatraTress Lounge etc. These salons are making a strong online presence in the local salon market in Chandigarh.They are using features like online booking, offers and are following smart brand awareness strategies. Therefore it has become almost impossible to select the perfect salon for my requirements.

In old days the most popular Salon in Chandigarh was Curly Top. It got popularity through word of mouth. But surprisingly the new generation hardly look for it. One of the reasons can be that it has no local website to beat the upcoming competition.I recently started going to a local Salon in Chandigarh’s suburb city Panchkula named “Taj Unisex Beauty Salon”. It has one of the professional services in the area and much hygienic than many Salons. But unfortunately, it’s losing many of its potential customers as they have no` website but just simple business listing and are present in some local directories. This is what most of the Salons doing these days in Chandigarh area. They cannot beat the businesses that have made online presence immensely.

Everybody is using mobile phones in Chandigarh these days. They first look in their mobile to locate spas and salons near their house.

We are all residents of a highly digitized age. If you want to outreach, get customers, and retain them, then make a strong digital presence.

It means to have a website and SEO tactics implemented on it plus social media presence.

It is becoming important than previous years for your business to look distinct from your competition. By doing a survey of some local spas and salons in Chandigarh we came to the conclusion that start-ups are getting more aggressive in hiring a digital marketing company to promote their website and are investing more in social media to stand out in the competition. The millennial who are owners or customers of salons and spas are no doubt trendier in their thoughts. This is all because of social media. Therefore the established businesses have to gear up to understand outstanding digital marketing strategies. The start-ups should hire digital marketing company in Chandigarh who knows the standards of ethical SEO which is very important these days otherwise Google bans websites and businesses if they follow unethical ways to come to no. 1 position in search result pages. There are many digital marketing tactics to become visible and outsmart the competition but for that, you need an updated and fast forward digital marketer.

Spa and Salon businesses are restricted to the sectors they are situated in and if you don’t apply the right strategies for your business, it will have to face the consequences. To target the leads within your sector is very important and in order to reach people outside your sectors you need to have a remarkable online marketing strategy.

How Does A salon Get to the Top of Google

Here we have given some tips for digital marketing strategy for Salons and Spas, on how to outshine your local competition in Chandigarh?

Let’s go through it:

1. Is it Important to have a Website for a Salon and Spa with SEO Tactics?

Yes, it is very important to have a website for Salon and Spa. The residents of Chandigarh are all and all internet friendly. They spend more than half of their time on mobile. Therefore if you don’t have a website you are losing maximum customers. You have to have the best SEO practices implemented on your website in order to stay no. 1 in Google search result pages.

Here are some of the basic tricks:

  • How to do on page optimisation of Spa and Salon websites?

Spa and Salon websites Optimisation

a.  Choose the best long tail keywords for your Spa and Salon. Put your keywords strategically in the website.
b.  Follow the best internal linking strategy.
c.  Writing the best and unique content and mentioning the outstanding features of your salon on the homepage.
d.  Have an online booking facility and many auto bot features in your website
e.  Always mention your outstanding products.
f.  Have a special offer page on the website. In fact, special offers should be reflected on the homepage. Never miss the seasons like Diwali, Karwa Chauth etc. On these occasions, people look forward to the best salons and their remarkable offers for example “parlour deal in Chandigarh”, “best waxing deal in Chandigarh” etc.
g.  Mention about loyalty coupons in your website
h.  Post best images of the facilities in your Salon. Don’t forget picture speak more than words.
i.  Do in-depth competitor analysis of all the sectors in Chandigarh and plan your strategy accordingly
j.  Implement Google analytics to measure the traffic on the website and plan your strategy accordingly.

  • How to do off page optimisation of Spa and Salon websites?

a.  Blogging
b.  Guest Posting
c.  Targeting local directories
d.  Keep a blog page on your website and write regularly forsalon blogs. It will definitely boost the website.
e.  Approach influencers in your salon business and try to get links from them
f.  See from where and how your competitors are getting links.
g. Try to get connected with local bloggers in Chandigarh
h.  Put your beauty packages on websites like Groupon, Snap deal etc.
These are some of the basic fundamentals to become successful in your beauty business. We at KVR Webtech have tied up with many international companies like Hubspot which is inbound marketing software, sales and services hub.It gives best results in targeting customers. We are very well versed and update with voice search optimisation techniques, which is favourite among every youngster these days. Our trained team of professionals is very much updated with the latest Google algorithm.

2. Is Mobile Friendly Website Important?

Yes, it is very important to a have mobile friendly website otherwise Google will not rank your website. This is one of the latest Google updates.

Importance of Mobile Friendly Website

Google is sending warning emails to non-mobile friendly salon websites mentioning “These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search and will, therefore, be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users.”

If your website is not mobile friendly then it is the best time to take help of the professional.

3. Is it Important to have Good Speed of your Mobile Websites?

Absolutely, it is very important to have good speed on your mobile website. These days’ people don’t have patience. If your website doesn’t open in less than 2 sec you will probably lose potential customers.

4. Am I going to Lose Customers if I don’t have Business Listing and Reviews?

Definitely, you will lose your main customers if you are not in local business listing and have no client reviews on Google or social media websites. Your local business listing should be very well optimised.

Don’t forget these days’ people are very particular in checking online reviews. Little app is the Lifestyle App in India for spa & salon and has many more categories. It has over 2.5 Million customers. It gives you a fantastic opportunity to boost your business. All you need to do is, just list your deals and start selling. There are many websites like this, which will help you to grow business.

5. Is it Important to make a Powerful Salon Branding?

Yes, certainly it is very important to have a strong brand image. With the help of digital marketing techniques, your beauty salon can become a powerful brand in your arena. Social media and paid advertisements are the best ways to reach your customers quickly, effectively and timely.

For that, you need the best digital marketing company who is very tactful in implementing the online brand marketing techniques.

6. Is YouTube Optimisation Important for your Beauty Business?

salon YouTube video is a very forceful online marketing technique.

Here is the data:

  • It is a fact that more than 1 billion exclusive users visit YouTube every month
  • The number of individuals subscribing to YouTube every day is going up.

The greatest misunderstanding about developing content for the video is that it’s difficult. This is not at all true. For that, you need a smart and innovative digital marketing company. Our team of professionals will understand your market, competition, product etc. and will make a perfect video which will have a fantastic impact on your audience.

Some of the beauty salon video optimisation we can develop for you is given below:

1.  How to look beautiful tutorials and tips video.
2.  Eye-catching demo of your product
3.  Some Q&A beauty Sessions
4.  Amazing short teasers

7. How Social Media Marketing Influence Spa and Salon Business?

Social media is the best way to get and target your customers locally. You have to sign up with social media account to get running and capture leads. Then you have to create the best spa and salon business page. Now here the game starts.

Social Media Marketing for Spa & Salon

In order to make the best and professional business page, you need an expert like a digital marketer. He will help you to do social media competitor survey and will create the best business page for you comparatively. He will use the suitable features on the business page and target the geographical areas after doing a complete analysis.

Do you know how our team of digital marketers will help you to outshine in the spa and salon business?

Let’s go through some popular social media websites:

  • Can Facebook help me to outdo my competitors in a beauty business?

Cleopatra Salon Facebook Page

This is the image of Facebook Business Page of Cleopatra Salon in Chandigarh!

You have to believe it that your customers are glued to Facebook. They are in habit of refreshing their Facebook page in every 5mins. This is the digital Chandigarh.

You have to keep your salon Facebook page updated and fresh with photographs of new trendy hairstyles, post before and after photos to showcase your hairstylists’ expertise, a variety of spas, massages, events, offers, contests, giveaways etc and don’t forget hashtags to point your location. There are many new Facebook features which a layman is not aware of and for that, you need experts’ advice to go ahead in your business.

Facebook is one of the best social media to get geographical or location-based business. Our digital marketers will help you to strategies your paid ads in such a way that you will get maximum benefit and return out of it.

Your product based ads can achieve wonder if you have the right person to manage and analyse it.

Header Master Facebook

This is the image of Facebook Business Page of Headmasters Salon in Chandigarh!

  • Can I get customers for my spa and salon business through Instagram?

Off course you should be on Instagram for your beauty business now if you are not there yet! Otherwise, you are losing your potential customers in Chandigarh area.

Headmasters Instagram

This is the image of the Headmasters page on Instagram Chandigarh!

Look at the number of followers they have. Instagram users are generally young and trendier. They love funny and peculiar posts. You can do exclusive Instagram contests and post promotions. Besides all keep on checking your competitors and apply your strategy accordingly.

  • Can Twitter promote my Salon Business?

Yes, Twitter is the best place to share and post related to your beauty business. Around 71% of Twitter users now wait for a brand to answer to queries within an hour of Tweeting.

Twitter Spa

These are some of the important reasons to use Twitter for spa and salon business:

a) Twitter is a knowledge provider about your services
b) To post unique offers and deals
c) Use Twitter hashtags
d) Tweet on time
e) Always share articles on Twitter relevant to your salon

  • Should I post my Salon and Spa business on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a priceless social media medium for beauty salons to make links within their business network. It’s good to have a company page and join local beauty groups on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ads can straightaway be targeted to reach to important business connections like event sponsors and those who might book your spa and salon for marriages or some important occasion. This is a fact which studies have shown that 80% of business to business deal happens in LinkedIn... With the help of its, ad features and analytics, you can build a business network to increase the profit for your beauty salon.

8. Are Local Directories Important for Beauty Business?

It is must to register your spa business in local online directories of Chandigarh. People don’t save the hard copy of directories anymore. They are too out-dated now days. As spa and salon are locality specified business, your customers are going to look for you on the online local web directory. Be there before it’s too late. KVR Webtech will help you to find the best business directories and get listed there.

Business Listings Websites

9. Is Email Marketing effective to build Relationships in Salon Business?

Email marketing is the best way to reach to your customers in the Salon business. If it’s done correctly with right tools we can say this is the best medium to gain profit in the spa and salon business.

You can target customers with an e-newsletter which is one of the most effective tools in your online salon marketing arena.

Here are some of the reasons why we need email marketing for beauty business:

  • A visually attractive Email marketing campaign can get more customers.

Email marketing campaign

  • We should always personalise it – ‘Hi Aditya’.
  • Salon email marketing campaign is very cost effective – it outshines SMS if you want to reach thousands of clients.
  • People are glued to their emails sometimes more than social media.
  • Email marketing will always give traffic to your other internet marketing channels and to your website as well.

10. Paid Ads to Target right Customers and Geographical Location

It is a fact that Google ads are very important for local businesses. Google now has the internet’s largest ad network in the world.

Google ads

It is definite if you run a Google Adwords campaign for a city like Chandigarh you will be the rock star. On the basis of our survey of salon and spa business in Chandigarh city, we can say that you can spend less in Google Adwords campaign for Chandigarh and be on number 1 position with your best keywords.

We are online salon digital marketing experts and know the hair and beauty business thoroughly.  We will help your business to develop and become successful. Our team of professionals will strategically run, internet marketing campaigns to attract new customers, increase your turnover and grow your salon business.

Let’s do it. You want the outcome. And we’re here to give and do best for you.